Living in color

I’m often called colorful. I’m trying to remember when and why this started. Maybe it was my home decor style. Our furniture and walls are mostly neutral, splashed with original works of art by my amazing friends Irma and Ellen among others. My wardrobe, as you know, is pretty colorful too! I figure, my skin and hair … More Living in color

You’re gonna sew, and you’re gonna enjoy it, dammit!

I had a rough week. Though looking back I’m not sure why. Everything is going smoothly, but selling your home can stressful and sleep did not come easily. My sewing suffered from all this distraction, caffeine abuse and the unbelievable time drain it is to keep everything picked up. I started and didn’t finish two projects. Frustration finally drove me … More You’re gonna sew, and you’re gonna enjoy it, dammit!

Mad for Me-Made-May!

Maybe I’m crazy. I’ve made two sewing related pledges this week. Or was it three? This is what happens when I keep clicking on links and find myself reading about what everyone’s up to! Me-Made-May is a super idea by Zo ( She’s encouraging those who like to create their own wardrobe to wear it and … More Mad for Me-Made-May!