Fabric addict hits L.A.

Cross another one off the bucket list! I finally spent a couple of days in the fabric district of Los Angeles! The overwhelming abundance of choices made it an unforgettable experience. My friend Irma and my niece Pamela made a truly special one. I’m still traveling, so there’s no sewing to report on. I’ll let the pictures … More Fabric addict hits L.A.

The boucle blues

Don’t get used to it. I won’t be writing this often.. but this is a catch up post. I actually made this before Christmas. I fell in LOVE with this fabric! The color! The texture! And since the stars had aligned and my beloved Textile Fabrics was having a big sale at the time, I bought … More The boucle blues

Back in the swivel chair

It’s been more than a year since my last blog. A lot has happened – good and bad, wonderful and awful. I made new friends. Like Cathy and Mark in Florida. And I lost a sister. I’m still shocked to say that. But she’s at peace now and I’m trying to be too.